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a white frame with legos in it and the words, my daddy is braver than smarter than quicker than tougher than my hero
Daddy hero box frame Lego marvel characters ideas
four different pictures of legos in the shape of birds and an eagle sitting on a table
Creative Lego Constructions Bring Fantastical Moments to Life — Colossal
Creative Lego Constructions Bring Fantastical Moments to Life
a clock with different words and numbers on the face to spell it's 5 o'clock
Microsoft OneDrive
Klockan.pdf – OneDrive
lego candy dispenser instructions for building instructions
29+ Fun & Creative Crafts For Kids!
DIY Lego Candy Dispenser -- A ton of DIY super easy kids crafts and activities for boys and girls! Quick, cheap and fun projects for toddlers all the way to teens! Listotic.com #artsandcraftsforboys #EverydayArtsandCrafts
a child is holding a toy made out of legos and it looks like he's playing with the letters
A DIY Lego Marble Run that is fun for the kids to make, educational as well as encouraging as they are able to play with a toy that they made themselves!
a person is writing on a board with numbers and pencils in front of it
Multiplication Squares Game — Games 4 Gains
This FREE multiplication facts game makes kids want to practice their facts!
legos are plugged into the side of a wall
Lego gubbar håller dina mobilladdare på plats (Förvaringsdrottningen)
a clock made out of legos on a wall
Avstängd webbplats
DIY-LEGO-Clock (1)
a blue poster with an owl reading a book and the words de 1 orldlasserna
De 9 ordklasserna.pdf – OneDrive
printable worksheet for telling time to the hour
Klockdomino 2 – Emma
Klockdomino 2 | Emma
a printable worksheet with words and pictures on it
Tänk på tal…
Tänk på tal o-50
a printable worksheet with the words tank pav - striga
Tänk på tal…
Tänk på tal 99a
four squares with different words on them in green, white and black text that says heming
Problemlösning – Montessoriinspirerad matematik
Hemliga tal 1
a printable worksheet for children to learn how to read and practice numbers
Automatisera multiplikationstabellerna
a printable worksheet with numbers and dices
Träna ”Lilla Plus” och Lilla Minus” på ett lekfullt sätt
I spelet nedan tränar barnen på huvudräkning i talområdet 0-10. Spelplanen finns i två nivåer (och du kan enkelt göra fler genom att byta ut uppgifterna) så även om barnen kommit olika långt i sin …