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a person with gloves and white gloves is painting a piece of black cloth on the floor
Dining Al Fresco & Ombre Tie Dye Table Linens
an unmade bed with silver sheets and pillows on it's headboard is seen in this close up photo
Mending an old shirt
a pink and white floral print fabric with a bowl of food on it next to the flower petals
Bundle dyeing with Botanical Inks - Daisy & Thyme
a shirt that has been dyed with different colors
there are many different types of donuts on the rack
Give Ice Dying a Try This Summer - Jennifer Perkins
four pieces of blue and white tie - dyed cloth
DIY Indigo Shibori Linen Placemats - Alice and Lois
four balls of yarn sitting on top of a white cloth covered in paint and splatters
Color Explosion: Linens Imbued with Natural Plant Dyes - Remodelista
an odd looking object made out of shells on a white tablecloth with purple flowers in the middle
two blue and white fan shaped objects laying on top of a bed covered in sheets
one of a kind project