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four colorful plastic straws sitting next to each other on top of a white surface
Straw Pan Flute
what do radisticks sound like? with an arrow pointing to the top
Rainstick History and Lessons
Rainstick History and Lessons
two different types of crafting items with text overlay that reads super simple australian artistic craft
Australian Crafts for Kids
Australian Rainstick Craft for children from - Super Simple - uses only two sheets of paper, and newpaper.
three different types of musical instruments are shown in this slider image with the words, percussion instruments are played by striking g drums, shaking e g
Musical Instruments Fact Cards - Teaching Ideas
Musical Instruments Fact Cards
there is a collage of pictures with different items in them and the words explore sound with homemade instruments
Exploring the Science of Sound with Homemade Instruments
Make some homemade instruments and use them to explore the science of sound! These DIY music instruments make great STEM activities for kids. #violinlessonsforkids