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old fashioned recipe for jelly nougat candy
Old Fashioned Jelly Nougat Candy Recipe
there are many small cups that have fruit in them on the plate and one is filled with jelly
a plate with some food on it and someone reaching for something in the bowl next to it
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an advertisement for jello christmas cookies featuring three gingerbread men
The decade that taste forgot! Hideous 1970s recipes revealed
The bio for the comical Twitter account reads: 'If it's ticked, my Mum's cooked it. May contain nuts and food from other decades'
an old fashioned advertisement with many different types of cakes on the front and back of it
Christmas cakes from Huntley & Palmers 1906 Stock Photo - Alamy
a colorful cake with white frosting and multicolored icing on the top
Jell-O Editorial by JUCO
Jell-O Editorial by JUCO – Fubiz Media
four different colored cakes sitting on top of a window sill
Old Glass Jelly Moulds
RE | Corbridge, Northumberland | REcycled, REscued, REstored, Products | Re-found Objects
a close up of a cake shaped like a pineapple
Panachee jelly. It has been made here in a nineteenth century succès mould. To obtain the opacue effect, the jelly was whipped to a froth before being poured one layer afte the other into the mould. Each layer had to set, before the next was poured in.
a table topped with lots of cakes and desserts next to a fire burning in the fireplace
Just a few of the day's achievements, including a very rare 1790s obelisk jelly. This course provides a unique opportunity to learn to use antique moulds to produce some of the glorious decorative dishes of our past.
an old fashioned christmas card with a child holding a tray of gingerbreads and the words god jil on it
A Significant Dose of Christmas Cute-dom
Vintage Scandinavian Christmas Card
a group of toy soldiers standing in front of a cake with candy canes on it
60's birthday cake - Mom used this book and we all had shaped cakes
an illustration of a pink cake with candles on it and other items around the cake
Tala Icing cakes and cookies