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an oil painting of people walking in the rain on a city street at night time
Paul Fischer, Street scene, Kobmagergade, Copenhagen. - Bukowskis
an oil painting of the sun setting over water
a black and white drawing of an electric guitar next to a box with a string on it
DIY Under $5: Guitar Patch - A Little Tipsy
Dan Gerhartz, Daniel Gerhartz, Wisconsin Art, Afrocentric Art, Photo D Art, Black Art Painting
Daniel Gerhartz "Forever" 21st century
Arte Pulp, Oil Painting Nature, American Painting, 수채화 그림, Oil Painting Portrait, Classical Art
Daniel Gerhartz "Fireflies" 21st century
two women sitting under a large tree in the shade, one is leaning on her head
Books and Art
a painting of two people laying in the woods
renaissance painting
an oil painting of two hands holding each other's fingers with rings on them
an abstract painting of two people embracing each other in red and black colors, with one woman's face obscured by her hands
Wattpad readers, would you read my book if it delved into the complexities of mental instability?
two women dancing in the dark with their arms around each other
736228064444 by vergvoktre on DeviantArt