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an iphone case is open to show the contents
UV Sanitizer & Phone Charger
Sanitize your phone & charge it at the same time! This handy piece of tech releases ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 240-280nm and is 99.9% effective at killing bacteria and deactivating viruses. Provides safe and environmental friendly sterilization by using pure ultraviolet radiation. Includes: Wireless Charging Function USB Charging Port. Compatible with Apple & Android Mobile Phones.
four rolls of washi tape with flowers on them
Day To Day Calendar Washi Tape
the contents of an anime notebook are shown
1PC Kawaii Sakura Loose-leaf Diary Notebook - Basic Package
'Make a decision' guide sheet School Counsellor, Organisation, Coaching, Coping Skills, Worksheets, Counseling Resources, Decision Making, Problem Solving, School Counseling
Giles Paley-Phillips on X
'Make a decision' guide sheet
five notebooks with the words mindful written on them next to a toothbrush
Personal Development Tools
Dream big and be inspired. Discover our new Inspiration collection to help you dream, do, enjoy and share ☁️
three notebooks stacked on top of each other with the letter lodge logo printed on them
The Letter Ledger — PAPER & TYPE