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a woman sitting in front of a mixing desk with sound equipment on top of it
Pro Tools - Music Software - Avid
a cup of coffee and some books on a bed
bedroom aesthetic
bedroom aesthetic
a cheerleader is sitting on the floor with her skirt pulled back and shoes in front of her
“I used to be a cheerleader, you know…” “Oh yeah?” Judah raised his eyebrows, trying to be respectful and not sexual. “How’d you like it?” he inquired. “Hated it, honestly… like all of high school—or anything until you came around…” “I love you, Abbi,” I smile sweetly at him, but he continues. “No, really. I’m in love with you…” “I’m in love with you, too,” I reply, kissing him passionately.
a person sitting on a bed holding a cup of coffee and writing in a notebook
Navy or Nothing
|| study, notes, read, writing, pastel colors, university, high school, studyinspo, inspiration
"I can have a social life, can't I?" Editor, People, Meg Cabot, Avalon High, Arthurian, Quinn Fabray, Buffy Summers
"I can have a social life, can't I?"
a pile of papers and cell phones on top of each other next to a clipboard
Study Like A Ravenclaw - sun-flower-studies:🌻 day 17/100 || my blood has...
Study Aesthetic: Hermione Granger
some white tiles with writing on them and one is saying the whole damn someone's shower
"The whole damn world is just as obsessed with who's the best dressed and who's having sex Who's got the money, who gets the honeys. Who's kinda cute and who's just a mess. And you still don't have the right look And you don't have the right friends. Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends High school never ends." -Bowling for Soup
two rows of red lockers with the doors open and numbers on each one side
| The Foxhole Court | The Raven King | The King's Men | [All for the Game]
a row of desks sitting in front of a window
school = almost over
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school uniform aesthetic
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a woman sitting at a table in front of a bookshelf holding a cup
/SchoolIsOut #Prep_school #Teenage_dream_aesthetic #Privte_school #Boarding_school #Marauders #Spring_awakening #AY #ivy_league Preppy College #country_club #preppy_style #preppy_look #preppy_outfits #ralph_lauren #polo #tommy_hilfiger
school boy mat Men's Fashion, Ralph Lauren, Menswear, Tommy Hilfiger, Holden, Men, Guys, Mens Fashion
school boy mat