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there are many cupcakes on the tray with black and pink decorations, including high heels
Chanel cupcake toppers
four chanel cupcakes sitting in front of a white box with black trim
Chanel Cupcakes
cupcakes decorated with black, white and pink icing are arranged on a table
Chanel Cupcakes - pearls
Chanel Cupcakes - pearls | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
four cupcakes decorated with different types of items on top of eachother
a white cake with black and gold decorations
Chanel cupcakes
there are many black and white cupcakes with bows on the top one is chanel
Chanel cupcakes!
a box filled with lots of decorated cupcakes on top of white and black icing
there are three teddy bears that are sitting on the table with blue and white stripes
baby shower items displayed on white table with bows and ribbon around the edges, including teddy bear cookies
some cupcakes are arranged on sticks and decorated with fondant teddy bear decorations
baby shower cookies are arranged on top of wooden spoons with ribbons and bowknots
someone is holding up some baby's first birthday cookies with teddy bears on them
decorated cookies with happy birthday message displayed on table