Jet lagged

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a red sign that says keep calm we've run out of chicken not fuel
for my flight attendant/air hostess friends
a cartoon depicting a woman sitting on the floor with her dog and another person standing next to her
Quarantined - Corona Series
a woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer with the caption i love my schedule no need to whine and complain for the next 30 days, thanks
a man is trying to open a refrigerator door with another person looking at it and the caption says, letlagged by kelly kimaid
a cartoon depicting people in an airplane with the caption, could you please order something off the top? i can't really be right now
a cartoon with people sitting in chairs talking to each other and one person saying,'let's get started did everyone get a seat? stand - byes anonymousnous
a woman is talking to a man on the train
an airplane with people on the seats and one person holding a cell phone
the comics are very funny and it's hard to tell
Last Kiss by John Lustig for October 14, 2009 |
an image of a thanksgiving dinner with people talking to each other and the caption reads, jetlagged by kelly kimad
a cartoon depicting jetlagged and the caption that says, i don't know what's so funny
25 Hilarious Comics About Life As A Flight Attendant
a cartoon depicting a man in front of a computer screen with monkeys around him, and the caption that reads jetlagged are you guys about one building next month's flight attendant work schedules?
Jetlagged Comic