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a person holding up an open book with pictures and writing on the front cover, in their left hand
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Journaling Video
Design, Bullet Journal Inspo, Bullet Journal Aesthetic
60 Amazing Yellow Bullet Journal Spread Ideas | My Inner Creative
an open notebook with lemons and other things on the pages that are in it
I went ahead and drew out the second week of May. I chose something a bit simpler to draw this time: lemons!
collage art journal spread INSTA: @jerisbujo
Journal With Me | Recycled Items
Journaling Video
a painting with butterflies on it and some words written in the bottom right hand corner
Welcome Jubilee Year 2016
an open notebook with roses and bees on it
constance rose : art and life
a butterfly sitting on top of a piece of paper
A New Collage. I love it!
an altered collage with flowers and words on it, surrounded by sheet music notes
Find Delight....
an open book with paper and lace on it sitting on top of a wooden table