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a very tall building with lots of windows
Shell-Haus, Berlin. Photo: Sampo Axelsson
a motel sign with the word holiday hotel on it's side in front of a palm tree
Las Vegas. Photo: Sampo Axelsson
a tall building lit up in the dark with colorful lights on it's side
Telefonplan, Stockholm at night. Photo: Sampo Axelsson
two trees on the side of a dirt road with fog in the air behind them
Foggy morning. Risinge, Sweden Photo: Sampo Axelsson
a man standing on top of a rock formation
the sun is setting behind some tall grass
Sunset in Gimo, Sweden. Photo: Sampo Axelsson
sand dunes with mountains in the background
Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley CA. Photo: Sampo Axelsson
a bird flying in the air with mountains in the back ground and a half moon behind it
Death Valley. Photo: Sampo Axelsson
a group of people standing around a palm tree on the side of a road at sunset
Sunset Celebration, Key West, FL Photo: Sampo Axelsson
an empty road in the desert with mountains in the background
"I'm pretty tired... I think I'll go home now" :-) Monument Valley, Utah Photo: Sampo Axelsson
three birds flying over the ocean at sunset
Early morning, Cedar Key, FL. Photo: Sampo Axelsson
a street sign with the tv tower in the background
Alexanderplatz, Berlin July 2014. Manual lens, Pentacon Auto, 2.8/29. Photo: Sampo Axelsson
a black and white photo of people sitting in front of a large building with domes
A hot day. Berliner Dom, Berlin, July 2014. Photo by: Sampo Axelsson
black and white photograph of people sitting on the ground
32° C in Berlin, Warschauer Straße, July 2014. Photo by: Sampo Axelsson
Stockholm, 2014. Photo by Sampo Axelsson Trainers, Fashion, Shoes, Sneakers
Stockholm, 2014. Photo by Sampo Axelsson