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an orange and black mechanical object on a gray background with clippings to the side
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ArtStation - Scifi Headgear, Tor Frick
a man wearing a gas mask with wires attached to his head
two metal helmets with red eyes are shown in this 3d rendering image, one is facing the viewer
undead android Tekken 3, Estilo Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk Aesthetic, Gambar Figur, Robots Concept
undead android
a woman wearing a mask with wires attached to her head and holding a camera in front of her face
White Cyberpunk Mask
Modeler Hiroto Ikeuchi combines plastic model pieces and working electronics he modifies to create surreal works of art with awe-inspiring detail. His newest creation is this white face mask that features a futuristic cyberpunk design for a one-of-a-kind cyborg-like look when you wear it, and it combines earmuffs and a respirator with painstakingly crafted details for a functional work of art that... #tokyootakumode #toy
an orange and gray robot is standing in the rain with it's head turned sideways
a robot with green eyes is standing in front of a black background and has his head turned to the side
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work in progress: fan-art redesign of Asuka character from evangelion movies
an alien head is shown on a gray background
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a white and black robot with lots of wires attached to it's head
Space pilot mask, ND ZK
Sculpt a base in Zbrush ( white part ) then thew it in photoshop. Instant fun !
two masks with gas masks on them, one is wearing a gas mask and the other has
Arbeiter - Robert Simons
a man wearing a helmet with headphones on
the concept art for an upcoming sci - fi film, with some details to be drawn
The Art of Clayton Barton
a drawing of a man in a gas mask and helmet with his head tilted to the side
Above and Beyond , Adrian Wilkins
Above & Beyond is a little project I've been stiring up over the past few days. Exploring the Steampunk theme mixed with Airships and trans atlantic trading. Names in order of the Images Liana aka Lily Cornel Methew Frederic Delilah Gustav aka Gus Richard