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an old piano has flowers in it and water running from the top to the bottom
33 Things That Belong In Every Music Lover's Home
HAHA det här är ju så jävla cheesy! Som ett skivomslag till en 80-tals smörballad!
an old green door in front of a stone wall
Beautiful front doors I'd bring the color down into our palette but love the design
a wooden door with an intricate design on it
Storybook houses of Los Angeles
At a time when midcentury modern is the pinnacle of hip living, when Neutra and Schindler are considered gods by architecture buffs, and when light and space are in high demand, the storybook style has never seemed more out of fashion.br br The outside gate at Witches House in Beverly Hills.
a sculpture of a cat with its head upside down
Cat Door Knocker Bronze Sculpture - Etsy
a brass snail hook on the side of a wooden door
The World’s Top 10 Most Amazing Door Knockers - Paperblog
a close up of a door handle on a wooden door with an animal head painted on it
Creative Interior Design Ideas
an ornate wooden door with wrought iron handles and rose knobs on the front panel
Rose Door Handles Fi
two metal doors with statues on them
San Francisco - Nob Hill: Grace Cathedral - Ghiberti Doors
an ornate door handle with two birds on it's side and another bird on the other side
an ornate metal door with two lions on it's sides and a window in the background