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a collage of pictures with animals, flowers and other things on it's surface
Free fox background!
For the therians who can’t think of outfit ideas Clothes, Grunge Outfits, Cute Outfits, Cool Fits, Cool Outfits, Cute, Style, Style Me
For the therians who can’t think of outfit ideas
Ideas, Mascara, Grunge, Stylish, Moda
Coyote therian aesthetic/outfits
Vetements, Black Coyote, Material Girls, Mascaras, Me Too Shoes
my thieran self
Melanistic Timber Wolf and Timber Wolf Therian Wallpaper. Collage format with wolves, forests, flowers, theta deltas, therian flags and more. Pop, Phone Backgrounds, Iphone, Aesthetic Backgrounds, Aesthetic, Aesthetic Wallpapers, Wolf Wallpaper
Melanistic Timber Wolf + Timber Wolf Therian Wallpaper
Pop this image into Picsart and tap the "fx" button on the hotbar, select "simple" and scroll through even just the free filters to make it look a little cooler :]
an animal collage with different types of animals
Disney, Werewolf Aesthetic, Crow, Werewolf, Wolf
wolf boy
a collage of various items including shoes, clothing and accessories
Grey wolf therian
a collage of cats and dogs with the words coy o te on it
#nature #therian #therianthropy #coyote #otherkin #fictionkin #wild #vintage