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a man standing in the water with his shirt off
two photos one is black and the other is white with an image of a man standing in water
two people standing in the back seat of a car looking out over a city at dusk
a truck with its lights on driving through the fog
the back end of a car with its hood up and tail lights on, parked in a parking lot
the leo is all in the mind
Lost America, by Troy Paiva
a white car parked in front of a red and black background with the lights on
an escalator in a subway station with stairs leading up to the exit door
Subway 3D in Blender. #paisajeurbano
Subway 3D in Blender. #paisajeurbano Subway 3D in Blender.
a man standing in front of a gas station at night with the lights on and cars parked outside
Creepy gas station at night with green fluorescent lights andfog Untitled | by Harry Clark Photography
a person walking down the street in the rain at night with red traffic lights on
misty night red
misty night red. pinterest.com/dapoirier/photography/ comment by dapoirier
the shadow of a person standing in front of a window
The Involuntary experiment
It is not unusual for the internet to give out every once in a while, however I do throw a little bit of tantrum for the first few mins and then grab a book. Normally in just about the time it takes to feel really weird tension about the situation, the internet is back. If the internet outage lasts longer, I would have to practice mindfulness and honestly, who wants to do that?
a bedroom with blue walls and sunlight coming through the windows, casting shadows on the bed
6 Ways You Can Use Orange In Your Mid-Century Decor this Summer
One of the most nostalgic colors you can use in a mid-century modern decor, orange will forever be one of the style’s most iconic shades. | www.essentialhome.eu/blog