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there are many children's clothes hanging on the wall in this room with posters above them
What an awesome idea to do for a little boy
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a child's bedroom with a tree painted on the wall and green bedding
Barnrum - Hemma hos Niksalon
a room with a tree painted on the wall and ceiling fan hanging from the ceiling
Photo Storage
kids room mural
a green tree with books on it in front of a white wall and wooden floor
Book Tree
Book's back in session. Fun place to put those books when arriving home!
a bedroom decorated with trees and hammocks hanging from the ceiling
Chambres enfants
Chambres enfants - Album on Imgur
a pile of blue cups sitting on top of a yellow table next to each other
Hylla för småsaker diy
there are two pictures with different things in them and one is made out of wood
This is brilliant! A mini high-rise garage! Each car gets its own port in this easy storage solution for your kid's Hot Wheels cars. 1. Get assorted wooden boxes or crates from your local crafts store. 2. Collect cardboard rolls (e.g. paper towels, wrapping paper, mailing tubes, etc.) and cut to fit box depth. 3. Arrange rolls in box as you see fit. Use larger boxes for track and miscellaneous storage by danielle
Line a picture frame with hot wheels. Crafts, Diy For Kids, Diy, Home-made Toys, Legos, Diy Toys Car, Projects For Kids, Diy Toys, Wheel Craft
20 Cool Ways to Breathe New Life into Old Toys
Line a picture frame with hot wheels.
the cleverest car storage hacks for kids to use in their cars and trucks
15 Clever Toy Car & Hot Wheel Storage Ideas
Did your kids get a ton of new toy cars this holiday? My little boy got so many! Now I’m on the hunt for some car storage ideas to contain them. Like most of our new things we received as gifts, we now are tasked with finding a home for all of them.
a young boy playing with a wooden toy train set in a playroom at pinterest
change s it sits on a shelf.
change s it sits on a shelf.
an advertisement for hot wheels parking only on the floor next to a child's bed
Park all their Hot Wheels in one place with this DIY under-the-bed storage unit. Kids can start their adventure on the top play area and end wherever their stories take them. Find out how to make it for your kids here.
a child's bedroom with cars on the wall and toys in the bins
Toys Room – Kids Knoll
Matchbox, Hot Wheels model car storage. Designed in Brisbane Australia by WoodenWares #toysroom
a toy truck is mounted to the side of a wall with legos on it
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