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the fence is decorated with colorful paper cups
Hyde & Seek /// When I See You ! Adélaïde, Australie
a drawing of a person sitting on the ground
Croquis F, Dessin par Isabelle Seruch Capouillez | Artmajeur
several pictures of different types of logs
Peindre le paysage | COLLECTIF TEXTILE
Michael McGillis – Wake, 2006, Franconnia Sculpture Parl, Minnesota. L’expression peindre sur le motif prend tout son sens pour Michael McGillis. Cet artiste du Michigan crée des œuvre…
a tree with some red paint on it's bark and the shape of a worm
Hannah Streefkerk
Du landaart avec Hannah Streefkerk . Landart with Hannah Streefkerk .
a person laying on top of a grass covered hill
Zeutch Freshly News From Street
Land Art by Tanya Preminger - Zeutch
a basket hanging from a tree in the woods
Sept idées de bricolages "Land art" à faire en camping ou en vacances
Sept idées de bricolages "Land art" à faire en camping ou en vacances | De la ruelle au salon
a tree with its roots exposed in the ground
Archives des nature - 2Tout2Rien
a bunch of plants that are in the grass
a large mirror reflecting the sky over a lake
Le bleu dans l’art, l’histoire, la culture Part.2
Sky miror - Kensington - London
a large tree that has been carved into it's trunk and is surrounded by other trees
Street Art Showcase on X
Environmental art with sculptor Stuart Ian Frost #art #artist #publicart #sculpting #sculpture #environment