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there are two doors with the words be the nice kid painted on them and a clock
A bright and happy classroom makeover! Hello Sunshine by Schoolgirl Style!
Hello Sunshine RAINBOW was designed to usher a world of bright colors and happiness into your classroom. Created with rainbows, sunshine, unicorns and more, colorful elements are the focus in this space, while sparking children’s imagination and curiosity. The colorful and playful cutouts, ranging from adorable rain clouds to playful pom poms, bring a sense of fun into this bright and color-filled world.
an instagram page on instagram com with the message every day is a celebration because you are in my class
there are many books on the shelves in front of the rainbow sign and stuffed animals
I'm in love with our Reading Rainbow I remember watching Reading Rainbow while I was in school anyone else remember watching?
an art project is displayed on the wall above a computer screen with words written in rainbow colors
Your Life is a Canvas, Paint it Colorful! Bulletin Board
an elephant and pig standing next to each other
The Carle Hosts Free ‘Friendiversary’ Celebration on February 1
The Carle Hosts Free ‘Friendiversary’ Celebration on February 1 | masslive.com
four snowmen are shown with their name tags on the front and back of them
Please keep our snowmen away from...! Sneezy the Snowman Fun Pack is coming to my TPT store soon. This bulletin board activity and other…