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there are many children's books hanging from the ceiling in this classroom room,
I am in love with this banner. She took old paper book covers and laminated them and glued them to ribbon to hang over her library.
bulletin boards are hanging on the wall in a classroom
First Grade Blue Skies Classroom Reveal 2013!
Book cover bunting! I hate leaving the covers on for little hands to destroy, but they are so pretty. Here is a great solution!
a white chair sitting next to a bulletin board
This is definitely one of our favorite spots in our classroom! Our calendar and math talk board get used daily during our morning meeting…
the free printable pencil letters for mrs and mr's week are on display
Welcome Back School Banner {Pencil Letters} - Paper Trail Design
Free printable welcome back to school pencil letter banner decorations. Classroom, bulletin board, door decor pencil sign. #papertraildesign #pencil #pencilbanner #school #backtoschool #backtoschoolsign #backtoschoolbanner #schooldecor #classroom #teacher #teacherfreebies
a printable worksheet with the words, ways to dissess your class
Hollie Fumero's #804 Image Results
Hollie Fumero's #580 media content and analytics
a white board with blue and red lines on it in front of a green wall
Nancy Kramp's #677 Image Results
Flip 4 Math on Instagram: “Got some more items put up in m
someone is holding some pens in their hand
51 Genius Hacks That Actual School Teachers Swear By
Struggling with lost pencils? Make your students responsible for their own pencils using toothbrush cases. 51 Genius Hacks Teachers Actually Swear By
the classroom is decorated with giraffes and words
Classroom Decor Ideas and Tips
Love this Jungle Safari themed classroom decor! The colors are bright and…
a classroom with the text game changer teacher hacks on it's wall
25 Teacher Hacks for a Successful Classroom
One more teacher hack is to use a full length mirror to attach at an angle above the white board. The angle will give full vision of the classroom full of children behind you.
the free editable labels are available for students to use on their classroom desks
Free Editable Labels
With a little colored paper, these black and white labels can brighten any room! This download includes: 3"x3" square labels 3"x3" circle labels 4"x2" rectangle labels