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Splish Splash Sensory Fun! Dive into Water Play with Pool Noodles for Babies 🌊👶
Make a splash with your little one! Discover how pool noodles can transform water play into a sensory wonderland for your baby. From floating tunnels to colorful ring stacks, this DIY idea is sure to make bath time a blast! 💦
DIY “Magic Tissue Box” Toy! Create a fascinating toy with things you have around the house ❤️
Difficulty: Easy Supplies: • Empty baby wipes dispenser • Colorful fabric, cut into wipe-size sheets • That’s it!
a baby doll laying on top of a circle of hair clips and other items around it
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Family Photo Board
Always save your wipe lids! I made this board for my daughter so we can play peek-a-boo with her family members 🤗 it turned out so cute! To make this board, remove wipe lids from the package. Hot glue them to a piece of cardboard. Then, print photos of your family members and cut them out. Glue them inside each lid and write the person’s name above the lid. Let your little one explore and open the lids! ❤️
the words super easy highchair activities for babies are shown in this collage
Easy Highchair Activities for Babies - Happy Toddler Playtime
Easy Highchair Activities for Babies - Happy Toddler Playtime
4 easy motorskill activities
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a baby playing with toys on a blanket in the grass
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