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three cell phones are laying on the floor next to cords and charging devices, with one being plugged in
AntiKabelSalat | EddyEule
CordKeeper - Idee ohne SM Mehr
the sewing machine is cutting fabric on top of some folded material and another handmade item
Live it. Love It. Make It.
"Cable Cord Cozy - Clear tutorial including a free PDF download for how to make this useful bag for your tech cables at home and away!" enjoy from #KnittingGuru **
a cell phone in a pocket attached to a wall
OPITEC - Fabbisogno per attività creative, manualità, pittura e decorazioni
Astuccio di feltro per cellulare, verde/grigio
there are three pictures of teddy bears made out of wool and yarn, each with different designs on them
DIY Felt Bear Purse
two pictures of stuffed animals with hair clips attached to them, one is pink and the other is white
Animales archivos - Broches de Fieltro
Manualidades en fieltro, conejo para enrollar auriculares