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a painting of a man standing on top of a mountain
Inspired by Caspar David Friedrich
Inspired by Caspar David Friedrich
a painting of two people sitting under a tree in the middle of a blue landscape
Friedrich in gradation
Friedrich in gradation – Arte a Scuola
a drawing of a person standing in the grass with a butterfly on his chest and arms crossed
The Little Land by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Helpful Art Teacher: The Little Land by Robert Louis Stevenson
colored bottles are lined up on the white paper and one is drawn in different colors
72 Amazing 1st Grade Art Projects To Inspire Creativity and Play
50 Awesome First Grade Art Projects Students Will Love To Take Home
three different colored cakes on plates with polka dots
Easy Cake Painting with Acrylics
The Tween class made some scrumptious paintings last week! A little bit of perspective, lots of practice with tints, and learning about complimentary colors. It was fun art lesson for kids with a little color theory. Visit the link to view more of the cake paintings by these talented students at Art Spot Studio! Follow for more art ideas for kids!
four different pictures of city skylines with blue and green paint on them, each one is
an instagram photo with multiple colors on it and the caption in the bottom right corner