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easy succulent embellished pumpkins are perfect for the fall decorating
Five REMARKABLE Finds: Décor Ideas, TV, Cute Dress Deals | Classic Casual Home
a skeleton figurine with two birds on its head and arms, standing in front of a white wall
Alebrije, Fruit of the imagination of Pedro Linares, indisputable master of the cart of cartoneria, the creation of sculptures from layers of paper.
three red birds sitting on top of a wooden bench in the snow next to a tree
Love the red cardinals in the almost black and white scene.
a painting of flowers in a vase on a table
Picasso, Matisse and Dali star in Christie's $100m Modern Art sale
Henri Matisse: Painted at Collioure in late spring 1907, Les Pivoines combines the gestural brushwork of Fauvism with the abstract, intangible space of Matisse's revolutionary decorative mode. Within weeks of its creation, Les Pivoines was acquired for the Galerie Bernheim-Jeune by the critic Félix Fénéon, said to possess the most discerning eye for modern art in all of Paris
an image of a painting of boats in the water from inside a room with red doors
Modern Art Timeline Part 1 - Impressionism to De Stijl
Matisse, The Open Window, Collioure, 1905
an open window with birds on the beach outside
Explore July 15, 2024
Henri Matisse - The Open Window
an image of a painting of boats in the water from inside a room with red doors
Four Fabulous Fauvist Paintings to Study - Harmony Fine Arts
Henri Matisse - Open Window, Collioure, 1905
an old woman with white hair and braids on her head is looking away from the camera
Making Aging Positive
Becomes More Beautiful
four different paintings with flowers in them and the words, artist beth greccovy
Modern Farmhouse (Because It's Awesome)
Erin Gregory//can buy at One Kings Lane--on sale 50% off right now. about $200
an open door leading to the ocean with ivy growing on it's sides and blue water in the background
The Sea Door. Taken at the Druidstone a fantastic pub in Wales overlooking the beautiful Welsh coast
an ornate blue door with intricate designs on it
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Gorgeous blue door
an open window looking out at the ocean
Particular Poetry
Alluring ocean view in Santorini, Greece