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an empty courtyard with a fountain in the middle
Kalamata (Messinia, Greece)
the interior of an ornate church with many people
Cathedral Church Archangels
Cathedral Church Archangels - Kalamata, Greece
an aerial view of a city and mountains
Kalamata, Greece
a bowl filled with cranberry sauce next to a piece of bread on a cutting board
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Kalamata Olive Tapenade Recipe
several boats are docked in the water as the sun sets over the ocean behind them
Marina Harbor III by Stelios Kritikakis / 500px
At the Kalamata harbour, Greece. Marina Harbor III by Stelios Kritikakis
an old house sitting on the shore next to the ocean
Kalamata, Peloponnese, Greece
the water is crystal blue and clear with boats in it
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Beaches Kalamata Greece
an aerial view of a castle with the ocean in the background and clouds above it
Kalamata, Greece
an alley way with buildings and trees on both sides at sunset or dawn in the city
Kalamata Old Town by Dimitris Papageorgiou / 500px
Kalamata Old Town (Greece) by Dimitris Papageorgiou on 500px #Greece #Grekland
there is a man standing in the water near a waterfall
The Polylimnio Waterfalls in Messenia - Travel Greece Travel Europe
The Polylimnio Waterfalls are one of the best kept “secrets” of Greece. Trek through the woods in the Messenia region of the Peloponnese to uncover them. Polylimnio Waterfalls The Polylimnio Waterfalls can be found at the Polylimnio Gorge in Messenia which is a region in the Peloponnese outside of the city of Kalamata. At the time, I didn’t know what the waterfalls would look like. There I was, hiking in my flip flops in the summer heat wondering if all the slippery trekking would be worth i...
an outdoor dining area with tables, chairs and lamps hanging from the building's roof
Kalamata - Greece