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a doll house sitting on top of a wooden table
Dollhouses: Keep out of reach of children. — by Jane Lund‎
a wooden table topped with plates and silverware
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1" Scale Place Setting of Beautiful 'China', with flatware
a white dresser with a blue and white vase on top of it next to a clock
a small christmas tree in front of a fireplace with ornaments around it and a miniature house next to it
Aida Pravia
an assortment of floral dishes and utensils in a box
Dollhouse Miniature Dining Room Accessories in Canada & International
Miniature Boxed Dinnerware Set For Dollhouses
there is a miniature tea set on top of a table with cups and saucers
Lamposhi Mothamoto (@mothhmemecoin) on X
an old suitcase filled with tea, cookies and candies on top of a table
Nunu's House(田中智) (@miniature_MH) / X
there are many plates and figurines on the table
A Kindred Spirit
a dollhouse table with food on it
Artisan's Galleria From Fingertip Fantasies Dollhouse Miniatures
a table topped with lots of food on top of a wooden table
Kitchen Table - Fruit Tart
a small wooden table topped with lots of food
Chrystal's Designs