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four different pictures of a man smiling and making funny faces with the caption'you will marry me? '
(@thewickerybridge) on Instagram: “+ ⠀ ▐ fc:⠀1,516 ▐ filter:⠀flannel #tvd #thevampirediaries #vampirediaries”
two girls are talking to each other and one is looking at the camera with her eyes closed
#TheOriginals 4x10 "Phantomesque" - Freya, Hayley and Hope
a man sitting in a chair with his head on the pillow
#TheOriginals 4x10 "Phantomesque" - Klaus and Elijah
two different pictures with the same person in each photo, one is looking at another
I️ love their relationship for some reason “Little Wolf”
#TheOriginals 3x19 "No More Heartbreaks" - Cami and Klaus Camille And Klaus, The Originals Camille, The Originals Klaus, Cami And Klaus, Klaus The Originals, Popular Book Series
#TheOriginals 3x19 "No More Heartbreaks" - Cami and Klaus
a man holding a cell phone in his right hand and another person texting on the other
"Mi piace": 2,303, commenti: 58 - The Vampire Diaries/Originals (@tvdbadass) su Instagram: "[The Originals 4x13] KOL WANTS TO PROPOSE TO DAVINA AHH ⠀ Q: Do you ship Kolvina? ⠀ My edit give…"