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a child in a snowman costume is standing in the shower with his arms up
a washing machine with two eyes on it's front and the door open to show its contents
an elf is standing next to oranges and a sign that says orange you glad it's almost christmas
Orange you glad it’s almost Christmas #scoutelf #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelfideas
three elfs sitting on top of an apple with candy in front of them and a sign that says, oh no there are worms in the apples
two small dogs dressed in white sitting next to a christmas tree with a sign that says, why do mummys love christmas? because they's good wrappers
Elf on the shelf
an elf is sitting next to a pizza with dominos on it
Quick Elf on the Shelf Ideas
Quick Elf on the Shelf Ideas
an elf is leaning against a sign that says i had my patient tested i'm negative
Who’s tired of the lockdowns???
an elf is standing on top of a scooter with his legs spread out