Inredning hall

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a pair of shoes is sitting on the floor next to a coat rack with coats hanging from it
Great idea! I like how the hooks are attached to the shelf above as opposed to the wall. | Modderkamer, Binnenkomst hal
an open closet with clothes and shoes hanging on the wall, next to a wooden bench
Tips for Designing a Holiday Property — Adore Home Magazine
a white closet filled with lots of clothes and shoes next to a sink in a room
a coat rack with three coats hanging on it and two baskets under the shelf below
Kapstok hout
an organized closet with shoes, coats and handbags hanging on the wall next to it
Vår hallinredning! - Vanja Wikström - Metro Mode
the hallway is clean and ready to be used as a dressing room or office space
groventré/Tvättstuga - Hemma hos Gjoska på
the coat rack has several coats hanging on it
groventré/Tvättstuga - Hemma hos Gjoska på
a man wearing a suit and tie standing in front of a wooden wall with his arms crossed
Går du, som Erik Sviatchenko, upp i estetik?
a coat rack with clothes hanging on it next to a door and potted plant
6 praktische IKEA-Hacks für den Flur
a rack with clothes hanging on it in front of a wall mounted shelf filled with plants
a coat rack with two coats hanging from it's sides and some plants on the other side
Kapstok Industrieel Kopen DIY - Op Maat | SteigerbuisOnline
an organized closet with baskets and clothes hanging on the wall, along with two wooden benches
Eiken Charme
a room that has a bench in it and some lights on the wall behind it