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four black and white bowls sitting on top of a counter next to a window sill
three black bowls stacked on top of each other
an odd looking object with holes in it's mouth and teeth on its back
a ceramic pig with sticks sticking out of it's back
Moonlike Quality / Ceramics - g de rosamel
a white and blue bowl sitting on top of a table next to a gray wall
Antique vintage Japan kutani blue and white tea bowl
a stack of tea cups and saucers sitting on top of a counter
A transformed summer house
a white teapot with black speckles on the outside and inside, sitting on a white surface
kohiki tea pot
kohiki tea pot | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
three teapots sitting next to each other on top of a white countertop
a white and black speckled tea pot next to a small bowl