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some colorful crayons are lined up with the words, we could learn to draw crayons
Carved Crayons - Pete Goldlust
an old coin with hay bales painted on it
Tiny Paintings on Pennies by Jacqueline Lou Skaggs
paintings on pennies by Jacqueline Lou Skaggs.
a person holding a wire net with a face drawn on it and some scissors in their hands
Shadow Faces
Grid Face
a blue sculpture with black and white designs on it
Ute Großmann
Ute Großmann
an umbrella sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white wall in a room
| A N O M A L I E N | 2 0 0 9 |
Berta Fischer
an old book with flowers and writing on the page, in which there is a drawing of
La Boîte à Trésors
Leonardo Da Vinci, Study of Violets
an oil painting of food on a table
Shelley Davies, Artist and Illustrator
The Three Bread Rolls - Dick Ket (October 10, 1902 – September 15, 1940)
a painting of a man sitting at a table holding a cup and flower in his hand
Museos y Pinturas - Juan Carlos Boveri
an abstract painting with pink and purple colors
two edged mud climb Painting
Alex Diamond
three different colored vases sitting next to each other on a white surface with no one around them
Deze domeinnaam is geregistreerd door een klant van
We want to be modern. Pools design 1955-1968 // Museum voor Moderne Kunst // Arnhem
a painting of grapes and bottles on a table
Dick Ket (Dutch, 1902-1940)
a white pitcher sitting on top of a wooden chair next to a pile of books
Dick Ket. 1931. Arnhem, Museum voor Moderne Kunst, the Netherlands
an oil painting with various objects on it
Dick Ket, 1933-1934. Arnhem, Museum voor Moderne Kunst, the Netherlands
a painting of a woman sitting on a bench
Richard Diebenkorn - Woman on Stool - 1965