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a man without a shirt walking down a runway next to another man with no shirt on
three shirtless men are standing in front of a mirror and looking at the camera
Chico lachowski
a group of men walking down a runway
#DolceGabbana SS23 Closing Parade
a shirtless man walking down the runway at a fashion show with other people watching
Taylor Zakhar Perez
two men standing next to each other in front of a man with no shirt on
several men in white clothing standing next to each other
a young man getting his hair cut at a barbershop while others look on
on the runway
ohmygosse: “ Arthur Gosse backstage Salvatore Ferragamo FW15 ”
the rush of the city written in black ink
the words meet me in new york are painted on a white background with black ink
Dior, Moda, Old Money, Dream Guy, Man Shop