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a colorful bird with yellow and blue feathers
an owl and its baby sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
a close up of a tiger's face with blue and orange spots on it
a tiger swimming in the water with its paw up to it's face and head
a gray and white parrot sitting on top of a wooden stick with a red tail
African Grey Parrot stock photo. Image of white, gray - 27717322
a parrot sitting on top of a metal bar next to a red object in black and white
Lovely gray parrot
a colorful parrot sitting on top of a tree branch
Someone Asked Folks To Share The Best Fact They’ve Ever Heard, Here Are The 35 Most Interesting
a cat with blue eyes sitting on top of a table
a kitten with blue eyes is sitting under an umbrella in the rain while it's raining
a stained glass window with a cat on it