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a woman standing in the snow with her arms out and wearing black pants, a tan coat and hat
pinterest || sarahesilvester
Winter fashion ideas for the women. #fashion #womensfashion #winterfashion #fallfashion
black and white photo collage of a woman smiling with her hands on her face
Liv Tyler / Harper's Bazaar
Liv Tyler / Harper's Bazaar by Nicoline Patricia Malina, via Behance
a cat laying on top of a white chair next to a pillow with an image of a deer
Din Startsida
how deer you disturb the cat
a woman holding up a large metal object over her head with two keys attached to it
perspective art
two men are standing on the edge of a wall
Photography & Video Production Professionals For Your Project
Coolll @ashcallan @t2rocker
the back of a woman's head with long black hair in front of a green field
Crossroad Här sitter jag mitt i ovissheten. Utan höger eller vänster. Väntar på ett vägskäl. En väg att gå eller två att välja mellan. Men här, här i ovissheten känner jag mig alltid tom. På standby Som jag vätar på att livet ska ta fart. Resultat. Besked. Förflyttning. Båda vägarna blir bra. Jag vill bara veta vart..
a large mirror in the middle of a grassy field with trees and clouds reflected in it
olafur eliasson: your glacial expectations for kvadrat
olafur eliasson: elliptical mirrors, representative of glacial basins
Forced Perspective
Forced Perspective