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a woman sitting on the ground surrounded by flowers
a collage of pictures and paintings on the wall
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a woman's face is reflected in the reflection of two plates with food on them
design drawings for sale
two pictures with different faces and words on them, one has an image of a woman's face in the middle
Lion noir
MICHELLE K. X MOON PATROL Four Rhythms(2014); Red Riding Hood (2017), digital collage
an open book with pictures of people's faces and eyes on it, all in pencil
kitchen trash can rubber bands: Big Red trash bag holder 20 count 12" size for 22 gallon kitchen trash can
four black and white animal prints on a white background, with one bear paw print in the middle
Modern konst online | Konsttavlor & posters
Indigo pattern, poster i gruppen Posters / Storlekar / 50x70cm hos Desenio AB (8610)
some black and white circles on a white background
Modern konst online | Konsttavlor & posters
Ink Circles, poster i gruppen Posters / Storlekar / 30x40cm hos Desenio AB (8611)