7 Pins
a poster showing how to play basketball with the numbers and symbols on it's side
an english worksheet with words and pictures for children to learn in the classroom
Bonusmaterial - Extramaterial till undervisningen | Majema
a sign posted on the ground in front of some grass
Utomhusmatte! | Annas Klassrum
a white board with numbers on it and a blue arrow pointing to the left side
Lära sig klockan. Pedagogik. Analog, digital.
an old book with black and white writing on the cover, which reads jol knep ooh knip
Svenska- och mattehäfte med jultema
svenska och mattehäfte med jultema från skolburken
two red and white bookmarks with cartoon characters on them, each containing words in different languages
Bokmärken - läsfixare. Goda läsare använder smarta lässtrategier. www.enlasandeklass.se