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a chair sitting in front of a wall with many framed pictures hanging on the wall
beautiful black and white picture wall on a light grey wall
an empty room with white walls and pictures hanging from the ceiling, along with lights
photography exhibition design
photography installation - Google Search
two blue chairs sitting in front of pictures on the wall and a table with flowers
Utah Bridal Showcase :: South Towne Expo Center
Emily Hartvigsen Photography's booth at the Utah Bridal Showcase. Click link to view more photos: Bridal Fair, Utah wedding photographer, utah wedding, bridal fair booth, bridal show booth
three different colored glass cubes sitting next to each other
Muebles básicos y auxiliares para decorar toda la vivienda
two pictures of the same table and chairs
These booths have pull-down shades to give them extra privacy
Interior Design Idea – Sometimes, people need a little privacy for a phone call, dinner or discussion when in a public space, especially in a hotel, and one way that can be achieved is by installing drop-down shades. Not only do the shades provide privacy for each booth, they also match the colorful upholstery and furniture within the booth.
there are many shoes hanging on the wall
Charlotte Olympia shoe shop by Coupdeville Architects, London
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an exhibit booth with several different colored lights on the walls and tables in front of it
Archex Inspiration
there are many lamps hanging from the ceiling in this city street, and one is riding a bike
Massa Fredagsinspiration....
Hjärterum: Massa Fredagsinspiration....
there is a coffee maker on the counter with cups hanging from it's hooks
Tea nook using Ikea hooks & baskets...
the shelves in the bathroom are filled with spices
Lidingö kök IKEA - En klippbok om inredning