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a tall white shelf with glass doors on the top and bottom, in front of a yellow wall
Lonny Aneboda Hack- Superchyc
Ikea hack for closets: great for my purses and accessories!
an open refrigerator door with two pictures of different items in it and the bottom one has stickers on it
The Best IKEA Hacks You Can Accomplish In One Weekend
The Variera plastic bag dispenser turns into a wrapping paper holder in this easy IKEA hack.
a white light hanging from the side of a brick wall
Account Suspended
Ikea Ranarp wall light hack (with Ekby Valter brackets). Freeing up bedside table space.
a stack of books sitting on top of a wooden shelf
Frisky bedside table - IKEA Hackers
Materials: KNUFF Magazine file set I have found this idea on one czech website, Napadyproanicku.cz. You need three pieces of Knuff magazine files, wooden blocks, hot glue gun. Magazine files and blocks fix together with hot glue gun or another appropriate glue. ABC Malm A Garden Catio – Cat Paradise!
a toy stove top oven sitting next to a sink
ikea duktig - Google-søgning
a play kitchen with blue cabinets and white tile backsplash, including a sink
Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Makeover/Hack
Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover | Miss Audrey Sue