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the cross stitch pattern is shown in black and white
a piece of white crocheted fabric sitting on top of a black table cloth
Mönster Virkad löpare
a knitted table runner with white and gray designs
Gråvit virkad löpare med rosor
a cross stitch pattern with a shield on the front and side, which has been drawn in
Oval virkad rosduk
the instructions to crochet lace on fabric
a vase filled with green and pink flowers on top of a doily covered table
Gratis beskrivning: Virka en vacker duk till bordet | Allas
Virka vacker duk! |
a white doily sitting on top of a wooden floor
Livet på landet - Och det varde ljus
Tankenötter... - Och det varde ljus
a crocheted blanket with a pair of scissors on it
Continuous Flat Braid Join Tutorial
Continuous Flat Braid Join Tutorial - cypress|textiles
a crocheted blanket with yarn on it and a ball of yarn next to it
Outstanding Crochets Bedsheet Patterns
two pictures with different designs on them, one is pink and the other is white
Немного из истории вязания крючком (схемы салфеток)