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a bed that has some pillows on it in a room with white and black walls
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Koraal, grijs en zwart. Mooie kleurcombinatie.
harry potter bookmarks are sitting on top of an open book with the title'the boy who lived '
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Harry Potter Paperclips
a doll with long blonde hair wearing a blue dress and jacket, sitting on a table
an open suitcase with pink bedding and pillows in it's side opening area
Matilda case2
Matilda case2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
there are many small dolls in the box
Tiny Crochet Doll Pattern Bundle - Craft Evangelist
Love this sweet little amigurumi doll crochet pattern. Would make a great handmade gift idea for a little girl! #craftevangelist
an open suitcase that has some stuff in it on the ground and trees, rocks and flowers
Krasnoludki Lalinda
two dolls are sitting in a box together
Suitcase dollmade by Else Besjes
a box filled with stuffed animals on top of a table
Suitcase doll made by Else Besjes
a doll and stuffed animal in a box
Suitcasedoll made by Else Besjes
a suitcase filled with baby items on top of a table
a baby doll in a suitcase on a table
Suitcase set with tiny baby doll by