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a coat rack in the corner of a room
Une villa rénovée pour le futur
a living room filled with lots of books and pictures on the wall next to a chair
Custom built floating shelves for my reading nook. Used 1x2s for lip and 1x4s for base.
an office with pegboard and shelves on the wall
there are many different pictures on the wall and one is made out of paper circles
Our Week In Pins and Photographs
Memobord kurk
a cork board with pictures and magnets on it in a living room next to a potted plant
How to Install a Corkboard Wall - Just a Girl Blog
a wooden bench sitting in front of a mirror next to a wall mounted coat rack
a living room with an old fashioned radio on the wall and a plant in front of it
IKEA Ivar interior inspiration - Alice in Scandiland
a close up of a roll of bamboo paper on the floor next to a lamp
Bamboe lambrisering | bamboe strips op rol | Bambusa
a wooden cabinet sitting next to a vase with flowers in it and a clock on the wall
Magasin de meubles : canapés, mobilier, idées déco et linge