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a painting of a bird with long legs
Kraanvogel / Gelli Arts - Colourstock (21)
an image of a painting with animals on it
2014 Scrub Turkey Monoprints
pink and white leaves are arranged in the shape of a square
Sunprinting and gelli printing again. Yahoo.
Gel Plate Printing, Gelli Printing Techniques, Gel Prints, Art Printmaking, Foto Transfer
Art & Printmaking Blog | Gel Plate Printing Tips | Gel Press
an old wall with some plants growing out of it
gelli printing with plants and newspaper images
a drawing of a girl in a pink dress on a blue and pink background with hearts
Gel Prints — Journal Girl
an altered photograph of a leaf on a piece of paper
Dried grasses for gelatin Printing - Linda Germain
an abstract painting with red, blue and green colors on it's surface is shown
two bags with green and blue leaves on them, one is hanging from the handle
Printing Projects
a painting of a black bird sitting on a branch with the moon in the background
One Hint for Composing a Gelatin Monotype Print
an abstract painting with blue and purple shapes on it's surface, including circles
Make beautiful ART without having to draw - Print - Linda Germain
someone is holding some type of mold in their hand and it looks like they are making something out of clay
Pipe Insulation Gelli tools
an abstract painting with white flowers and blue sky in the background, on black paper
Gelatin Printing with Old Gelatin
someone is doing something with green and purple paint on the paper while they are painting
Part 1: Bold, Expressive & Unconventional Printmaking with Traci Bautista