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an image of some diagrams on a black background
an image of some buildings on top of a hill in the night sky with stars above them
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ArchBlog | Архитектура Дизайн
an architectural drawing with lines and shapes on it's sides, including the top half of
architecture studio I: eyes want to caress.
Architecture studio I is one of the six architecture studios required for a bachelor degree in Savannah college of art and design.
an image of a landscape with animals and people walking on the boardwalks at sunset
Propuesta WALK!, primer lugar en concurso IWC África / Sudáfrica
Arquideas competition, International Wildlife centre. 1st prize
an image of a futuristic city with lots of details
Airport on Oceanic Horizon
an image of the inside of a building with lights coming from it and people walking down the hallway
SFFDH- Results
Projects presented to the San Francisco Fire Departmnet Headquarters International Architecture Competition for Students and Young Graduates...
an architectural drawing shows the inside and outside of a cave
a person standing in front of a building made out of squares and rectangles
"I tried to create something melting into the green"- Sou Fujimoto
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Sou Fujimoto
people are sitting on the grass in front of a large yellow structure with mesh covering it
BAM! bottega di architettura metropolitana · YAP MAXXI 2013
Yap Maxxi 2013
an open room with wooden slats on the wall and flooring in front of it
an instagram page with the image of a building on it's back side
the building is made out of metal strips and has glass windows on each side, along with brick walkways
Regent's Place Pavilion by Carmody Groarke | Dezeen
Dezeen » Blog Archive » Regent’s Place Pavilion by Carmody Groarke
a building that has some kind of structure in it's front yard with people walking by
Regents Place Pavilion
Regents Place Pavilion on Behance