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a text message that reads male behavior towards female gamers
an image of the back side of a computer screen with text and images on it
an airplane is shown with red dots on it
it was there all along
an image of some type of text on a page
The 21 Best And Funniest Tumblr Posts I Could Find This Week
an image of the internet page for english
19 Times The English Language Made Absolutely No Sense Whatsoever
Nature, Love, Nice, Weird Facts, Mind Blown
someone wrote this message on their hand to help them find out what they are doing
[Image] incase you needed this today
a man sitting at a table with a cup in front of him and the caption that reads, i am, somehow, less interested in the weight and
Quotes, Best Quotes, Truth
Survival Skills, Emotions, Thing 1
Tumblr Gets Deep And Funny About Animals
an image of some people in different languages
forget the bottle
a woman is sitting in a wheelchair on the street while another person sits in a stroller
two photos of someone's hand on the ground
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