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a wine glass with pineapples painted on the bottom and sides, sitting on a white surface
wine bottles in the garden simple bottle
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watermelon slices painted on wine glasses sitting on a tray next to a potted plant
Watermelon design wine glasses - hand painted
three wine glasses with lemons and lime slices on them next to a bottle of wine
Glassware — Wine by Design
a table topped with glasses filled with lemons and green leaves next to a white vase
Lemon and lime hand painting wine glasses
two hands reaching for a miniature man's mouth
a woman in red and white dress with a disco ball on top of her head
goose w/ cig pt. 2- acrylic on canvas- by Hannah Rettig
goose w/ cig pt. 2- acrylic on canvas- by Hannah Rettig
an abstract painting is being displayed in a living room
art nouveau style interior design space art interior design art studio interior design art moderne i
Make Your Day
an abstract painting with people standing on the beach in pink and orange colors, as well as white clouds
a painting is on the wall above a white shelf with vases and flowers in front of it
large art | Lina Vonti
paintings are displayed on easels in an artist's studio, one is pink and the other is blue
Esther Gemser Art | studio atelier