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a man in black shirt holding a camera and standing next to a metal structure with doors
♡ theo james ♡
a man with his arms crossed wearing a white tank top and tattoos on his chest
Alpha (Wyatt y tu) //Pausada//
two people are doing yoga in front of a camera and another person is on the ground
Picsart Photo Studio
a man is standing in front of a white background with the caption teacher what is 2 + 2? me
21 Hilarious Images Only ‘Divergent’ Fans Will Understand
a man carrying a woman on his back in front of a crane with trees in the background
tris prior | Tumblr
the cast of star trek into space
In an interview with BuzzFeed, the movie’s co-star Theo James (Four) said he likes that Tris dies.
two pictures of the same person on twitter
Ⓙⓞⓢⓢⓔⓛⓨⓝ on Twitter
a man without a shirt standing in front of a window with his hands on his hips
lilajune's book saloon
11 Reasons You Should Probably Be Dating Four From "Allegiant"
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a train door with their arms around each other
99 Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples
a close up of a person holding a remote control in his hand and looking at the camera
Lascivia (Disponible en librerías) - CAPÍTULO 82
a man standing with his arms crossed and looking at the camera while wearing a black t - shirt
Marj Stowers-Jackson on Twitter
a man standing in front of a stage with his hand on his hip and looking at the camera
Theo James Divergent Movie - Young Celebrities