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there are several pieces of chocolate and nuts on the plate next to eachother
Rocky road - Lindas Bakskola & Matskola
several pieces of cake sitting on a cutting board next to a spatula with pink and yellow frosting
Teaterkonfekt | Söta saker. Recept på klassiskt marknadsgodis.
raspberries and cubes of wax on a cutting board
Fudge – Recept på vaniljfudge | Fredriks Fika
a pile of chocolate pieces sitting on top of a table
several pieces of pink candy sitting on top of wax paper
Tomtefudge – Söta saker. Fudge gjord på rosa skumtomtar.
a glass bowl filled with lots of different colored pieces of candy sitting on top of a table
Fudge med Ahlgrens bilar