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the wall is decorated with gray and white damask
a dining room table and chairs with a painting on the wall
MorrisandCo Chrysanthemum
an empty room with unfinished walls and wood trim
Bygga spegelpaneler med lister • Snickarglädjens Veranda
the dining room is decorated in blue and white tile, with an old - fashioned chandelier
Boasering på åtta olika sätt - Claras hem & trädgård - UnderbaraClara
an open door leading to a bedroom with yellow walls and green bedspread on the bed
Guide: Så inreder du med mönstrade tapeter
an open door in a room with yellow wallpaper
a white fireplace with a gold leaf wallpaper and a mirror on the mantel
New Morris and Co x Ben Pentreath collection
a living room filled with furniture and pictures on the wall above it's headboard
New Morris and Co x Ben Pentreath collection