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Darning Tips for mending I'd place a self fabric patch (or as closes as possible) behind the mend instead of paper.... Also good for machine mend / darning.

Sew & Knit

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Food Preservation

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Milk crate lined with burlap bags used as patio garden


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Harvesting puffball mushrooms


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a garden with rocks and plants in the ground next to a small white box that is sitting on top of some dirt
Repurpose idea (Junque Gypsies)
several baskets filled with different types of plants
Milk crate lined with burlap bags used as patio garden
a grill with the words how to use a tumbling composter
How To Use a Composter In Your Backyard - Thistlewood Farm
a green leafed plant with the text feeding your family from your garden
Garden Planning: How much will feed my family?? - Home in the Finger Lakes
300 Reasons to Know Where Radish Seeds Come From
Preserving The Harvest: How To Cure And Store Potatoes
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bush beans growing in the garden with text overlay reading how to grow bush beans gardener's path
How to Plant and Grow Bush Beans | Gardener’s Path
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a bird's nest hanging from a tree filled with rocks
Easy Bird Bath Ideas & Tips
Terra cotta saucer with pebbles and water hanging from twig wreath
You Need To See This Herb Pyramid
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3 tips to grow healthy Tomato Plants, from planting out your seedling, to pruning your plant
Tomatoes are a wonder to grow but they also require lots of care of attention. In addition to the video, you have below some more tips/explanations(CREDITS.. thefrenchiegardener)
Easy Ways to Multiply Strawberry Plants and Get More Berries
Multiplying strawberry plants is a great way to get more berries from your garden. There are a few different ways to do it, and the best method for you will depend on your climate and the type of strawberry plants you have. Here are few easy ways to multiply strawberry plants:(CREDITS...thefrenchiegardener)
🌱🪲 Battling Garden Pests? Discover an Organic Solution! 💚🍃
🌱🪲 Battling Garden Pests? Discover an Organic Solution! 💚🍃 Explore with expert insights. 🌻🏡 Learn effective methods to bid farewell to pesky garden intruders, as we unveil an organic approach that promotes harmony between your plants and the environment. Say goodbye to pests while nurturing your garden's health and growth. 🌱🌿🌳 #OrganicPestControl #GreenGardening #SustainableSolutions 🍀🌱🌼credit-@thefrenchiegardener
an outdoor area with hay in the ground and a small shed on the other side
How to Build an Inexpensive Cold Frame in Under 30 Minutes With No Tools - Appalachian Feet
nopeatekeoinen kasvilava
an outdoor garden area with various plants and landscaping materials, including dirt mounds on the ground
Ferro-cement Curvy Beds — Edible Landscapes Design - Landscaping in Victoria BC
the flowers are blooming in the garden and there is no image here to provide a caption for
two men are standing in the middle of a garden with brick walls and raised planters
an old book with instructions on how to do something in the style of doodling
Repriser - Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien
Darning Tips for mending I'd place a self fabric patch (or as closes as possible) behind the mend instead of paper.... Also good for machine mend / darning.
a man holding onto a beehive full of bees
Simple Slug Trap - The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Slugs & Snails
The Trick to Growing Giant Carrots | Vegetable Gardening Hack
If your carrots seem to be growing well, you might have a problem! A common gardening problem is tiny carrots, so here's the gardening trick: when you plant carrots, thin them out so they have room to grow! Thin to about 1-2” apart after they sprout. But don't worry - your baby carrots won't go to waste! You can eat the carrots you thin and the tops are great for carrot top pesto, to feed to your chickens, or can go straight into your compost. Will you be growing carrots this season?
Easy way to protect your vegetables 🙋🏻‍♂️🎥🎬✌🏻🤩
This Garden Type is really great, espacially if you don’t have a lot of money or space! Try it out and see for yourself!🌿🍴 #GardenInspiration Credit: fishermans.woodshop
How Much Should You Prune Vining Fruit Plants?
DIY Garden trellis
Topping Tomatoes-what does topping tomatoes mean, how to top tomatoes and why it ripens tomatoes
Difficulty: Easy Trellis • Arch trellis Tomatoes • Indeterminate tomatoes • Sungold • Juliet • Black cherry Pruners • Needle nose pruners
Tomato Arch
There are tons of ways to grow tomatoes but the best way is vertical. Growing tomatoes on arch like in the video lets the fruits hang. While also supporting and keeping good airflow for the plant to prevent disease. Click the link in my bio for more tips and tricks.