Lil Wayne ✨

my babe, my life, my drug, my everything
30 Pins
a man in sunglasses and a hat making the peace sign with his hand while sitting down
a man in white shirt and black hat standing next to a couch with people behind him
a man with dreadlocks on his head singing into a microphone at a concert
a black and white photo of a man with dreadlocks wearing a baseball cap
blaze 420 kush Smoke, Vivian Maier, Street Photography, Unisex, People Smoking, Black And White, Musica
blaze 420 kush
a young man standing in front of a brick wall
#little #weezy
three people posing for the camera in front of a tv screen with their tongue out
Lil Twist, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne ♡👌
two men are on a large screen in the dark
miss him! ❤️
a man with his tongue out standing in front of a crowd
he's my life
a man with dreadlocks sitting on stairs
an image of a man with tattoos on his body pointing at something in the distance
he's mine