Brick in the wall

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a white square object with a circular light on the top and bottom corner, in front of a gray background
Button - Orientation
there are three different colored circles on the wall in this room, one is blue and one is red
Floyd - Custom
a room that has some lights on the ceiling and walls in black and white colors
Button - Orientation
an empty room with white walls and red lights
Stripp and Street
an empty hallway with light at the end and a yellow object on the wall next to it
a red and white striped wall with light coming through the hole in the middle,
Wallpaper on plaster-in lights = no problem!
two different angles of a light fixture in a white room with no one around it
the light is shining on the wall in the room that has no one in it
Angular seamless lighting.
an empty room with two round lights on the wall and one circular light at the end
four different angles of the same room with stairs and lights on each side, in various positions
two windows with light shining through them in a stone wall, one is yellow and the other is brown
Moor in Gold leaf
a white room with square and rectangle shapes projected on the wall
an abstract white background with lots of small round holes in the center and on the side
a white light hanging from a ceiling with a black cord in it's center
200cent Round - 200cent
200cent Round - 200cent - Brick in the Wall
a black light hanging from the ceiling in a room with white walls and flooring
200cent Round - 200cent
200cent Round - 200cent - Brick in the Wall
an overhead view of a white light fixture on a gray background with no lighting in it
200cent round swing - 200cent
200cent round swing - 200cent - Brick in the Wall
a coin sitting on top of a white surface next to a hole in the ground
New from Brick in the Wall : The 200Cent - Enigma Lighting
Tiny, Really Tiny! This LED spot from Brick in the Wall has a diameter of just 26mm, which makes it as small as a two-euro coin. And thus, the name 200Cent. Plus, its Powerful, really Powerful! The 200Cents light output is 750 lumens, which makes it more powerful than a traditional 50w halogen spot (and at least 88% more economical). Continue Reading